Terms and Conditions Policy

In booking your ticket you are agreeing to terms and conditions as follows:

All enrolments are final and non-refundable. Showing up to the event and any dining experiences is your sole responsibility. We do not accept responsibility for transportation problems or anything else that may prevent you from attending and participating in the event. Further, when you fail to turn up, it leaves us with empty seats and food that someone else would have happily taken.

For the Comfort and Enjoyment of Other Attendees
No animals, babies, or children under the age of 14 will be permitted.
Please realise these can be long days and are not suitable for minors with shorter attention spans.
This causes an unwelcome distraction for you and our other guests.
Further, if you choose to engage in abusive or sociably unacceptable behaviour you will be asked to leave the premises.
We retain the right to deny entry or to have you removed from the building in these circumstances.

Appearance in Our Recordings
We make audio and video recordings of our events for future use, promotional materials and to make available for sale. In entering the event you are agreeing that you are okay with being filmed, photographed, and recorded in whole or in part for these purposes.

Intellectual Property
Peter Pure and HPBreakthrough assert the right to retain and protect the intellectual property presented during the seminar. If you show up with laptops, note taking devices, video cameras, or sound recording devices you will be asked to leave and will be denied entry to the rest of the event. Please respect the intellectual property.
You will be given a workbook with plenty of space to make notes.

Food and Drink Disclaimer
If you choose to eat, drink or consume any of the food or drink available you are solely responsible for any consequences that may arise. If you have any allergies to anything including, but not limited to nuts, gluten, spirulina, maca, tomatoes, oranges or anything else please ask before eating or drinking.
Since we don’t use animal products, our food safety risk is extremely low.  However, please be aware that eating living plant food can cause cleansing and detox reactions in some individuals.
Typical signs of cleansing and detox reactions to eating fresh plants can be mouth ulcers, headaches, nausea, migraines. If you feel you may potentially start detoxifying in an uncomfortable way please bring your own food and drink.
If you do start detoxifying or cleansing by eating, drinking or consuming any foods that we make available, this is your responsibility to bring it to our attention immediately. We advise you to stop doing anything that causes you discomfort, seek proper advise from a qualified health care practitioner and be aware and respect your own limits and boundaries.

Medical Disclaimer
This seminar is for your information purposes only. It does not aim to treat or cure any kind of disease. Neither does it replace the need to see a qualified health practitioner, or personal consultancy. What you do with the ideas presented is your sole responsibility and neither Peter Pure, Raw Food Party, or HPBreakthrough can accept any responsibility arising from the use or misuse of the information presented.
If you are unsure in anyway about any of the information presented and whether or not it is suitable for your unique circumstances please seek a qualified health care practitioner’s guidance.

Logistics - Venue Change
We reserve the right to change the venue location for any unforeseeable circumstances. Should this happen we shall notify you immediately by email to make you aware and make every effort to switch to a venue that is as nearby to the original venue as possible. However, we cannot be held responsible for any additional travel you may incur to get to the venue